Spray Tanning & Pregnancy


Pregnancy can mean lots of changes from the very beginning. From Eliminating & Reducing some of your favourite indulgences such alcohol or caffeine, to the inevitable physical changes.

Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that Spray Tanning is not something you need to give up and can actually help you feel that little bit better!

Unfortunately, the only time Spray Tanning is NOT recommended, is during the first trimester, Although Spray Tanning is safe, the body goes through the most changes during this period. These do include hormonal changes which can effect the skin and ultimately the development of the tan.┬áIt’s always best to speak to your spray tan technician and let them know, even if you have passed your first trimester. Extra care will be taken in terms of patch tests to ensure you have not developed any allergic reactions to the solution. The main concern of some which is quite common, is inhalation during application. Face masks can be worn during body application if preferred, along with the use of extraction machines. Although Spray Tanning is completely safe, these are just some small measures which can be put in place to put ones mind at ease.

K.O Spray Tanning uses products which are safe to use and that have no harmful ingredients. This means that you can obtain a healthy glow and look good, even if the morning sickness hasn’t ceased.

I felt really overwhelmed with how much i had physically changed and just overall didn’t feel my greatest towards the end of my pregnancy. I decided to book a spray tan with K.O Spray Tanning and honestly wish i’d done it sooner.The fact that the process is carried out at home made it so much easier and comfortable for me. Kirsty was so reassuring and professional, I felt so much more comfortable than what I thought I would! Besides the service, the Spray Tan itself made me feel amazing! I instantly felt more confident and sexy which is definitely what I needed at that time” – Daniella, London

Every Woman wants to look and feel her best at any important stage in their life let alone everyday. This includes pregnancy and doesn’t have to exclude this magical time! From the every day confidence boost to the flawless ‘Baby Shower’ photos, you’ll be pleased you had you K.O Spray Tan!

Kirsty x

(All content is based on personal knowledge and is not medical fact. For any medical queries / or corners please speak to your GP)



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