How it works...

  1. A qualified technician will arrive with a small equipment bag and pop up tent.
  2. You'll have the opportunity to have a one to one consultation with your technician, asking any questions you may have and also discuss your desired result.
  3. You'll be given disposable underwear, sticky feet (to protect the soles of your feet from getting tanned) and a disposable hair net to protect your hair.
  4. The tent pops up. You step inside and you'll be guided through your perfectly applied spray tan.
  5. The   technician pops the tent down and you're left in the comfort of your home, allowing your tan to develop for the required time.

The Booking Process...

  1. Enter details onto the booking system. Here you will request your date and time. An automated email will be sent to you confirming this request.
  2. You will be contacted by a member of the K.O Spray Tanning team to confirm and finalise your booking.
  3. Tanning tips will be provided to help you best prepare for your spray tan.

Please Note that a £5 PayPal deposit will be required for first time bookings. A link will be provided for this.

Sienna X - Full Body Spray Tan

K.O Spray Tanning gives everyone the opportunity to have that 'Celebrity Glow'

This is available in four shades from a subtle 8% to a deeper 16%.

A development time of 8hrs is required for this option.

Sienna X Full Body Spray Tan from £15

'Tonight's the Night' Rapid Tan - Sienna X

For those last minute occasions, or for minimum development time, Tonight's the Night Rapid Tan is the perfect option.

Depending on desired result, a development time of 2-4 hrs is required for this option.

Sienna X 'Tonight's The Night Full Body Spray Tan from £20

Contact Us...

If you have an enquiry or would like to request a Booking, please 'Contact Us'