K.O Spray Tanning: The Bridal Guide

Every Bride wants to Look and Feel her Ultimate Best on one of the most important and memorable days of her life!

Not only will the memories remain, but the photos will too…..

Long gone are the days when the thought of having a Bridal Spray Tan could be quite daunting for some ….Here are the days when the bridal tan is a MUST!

There genuinely is a shade for everyone and the ‘perfect’ tan is possible! There are finishes and techniques for all complexions. The perfect tan will be gained based on your desired look, natural skin tone, expert advice and professional application.

You’ll want to look your best at every event leading up to the big day! Whether its the Engagement party or the Hen party, these are equally great opportunities to look great with a Spray Tan and trial shades to decide which is best for you!

You may already have an idea of what look you would like to go for in terms of the dress / make up and hair. Most commonly. a trial run is carried out for these. Whether it be a dress fitting or a make-up & hair trail, the same is advised for your Bridal Spray Tan.

Working with your Spray Tan Technician and your Make-Up artist together is recommended. This gives your Make-Up artist an idea of what shade of foundation to work with and how it will work with your skin.

Ultimately, Combining your Make Up and Spray Tan Trial is the ultimate way to give YOU the most realistic idea of your results for the wedding.

Most brides will already have an idea of the depth of the tan that would like. The most common is a subtle natural look, however, there are lots that prefer a deeper glow and this will of course be discussed. I always advise to start off with the shade that is most suited to your natural skin tone and will look most natural.

Ideally at least Two Trial Spray Tans are recommended before the final Bridal Tan; 

The First application allows you to have an idea of when you are most happy with the results and depth. Take photos, make a note in your diary. Giving your Spray Tan time to settle before your make-up trial is strongly recommended. If you preferred the results of your tan on day three, then book your Hair & Make-Up trial Three days after your Spray Tan Booking.  This is also a great opportunity for you to decide if you are happy with the chosen shade or if you would like to go darker or maybe even lighter for your second trial. Its always important that you are honest with your Spray Tan technician, your opinions are vital as this is what helps us work towards the perfect result that you want and expect!

The Second application gives you a sure idea of your preferred shade. By this time you will have an idea of exactly how the tan works with you and your skin tone. Here you will have the opportunity to work with your Make-Up artist to create the perfect finish to your glow. You’ll also be able see how your hair works with your Spray Tan. If you’re deciding on an ‘Up’ style, with a strapless dress, you may want to deepen the glow on your shoulders and chest.

The Final Bridal Spray Tan – By now you will be ready and excited to have your K.O Bridal Spray Tan, knowing exactly what results you will have and the significant finishing touch it will make. Not only for that flawless look, but for your confidence too!

Before Each & Every Spray Tan – Preparation Is Key!

Your Skin is definitely like a canvas when it comes to Spray Tanning. In order to gain the best possible results, it’s vital to ensure you work with your spray tan technician by following the key preparation tips.

Read Our Top Tips for Preparation and Maintenance

If you are planning on any other treatments such as Waxing, Nails – Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Tinting, It is important that you have these treatments done at least 24hrs BEFORE your Spray Tan.

As my product of choice is Award winning Sienna X – I would recommend using their coordinating products with your Spray Tan. Maintaining your tan will ensure that you get the very best colour and longevity. Using products with a good PH balance is imperative, this is the same for both moisturising and showering. (Take a look at the recommended products page)

K.O  Spray Tanning wants the absolute best for every Bride. Having the perfect bridal tan only means that you should have the best for your Make- Up and Hair! I strongly recommend Camilla J Collins based on my honest and professional opinion;

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

There are also Frequently asked Questions which can be quite helpful.

I genuinely hope that this has helped gain a better understanding of how Spray Tanning can be a beautiful touch to your look on your wedding day and how to go about it the right way!

Kindest Regards And The Very Best Wishes To All The Future Brides!


Kirsty – K.O Spray Tanning x











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