K.O Top Tips for Preparing for your Spray Tan

For the absolute best results, I always say preparation is key!

Our skin is like a canvas when it comes to Spray Tanning. This is the vital organ of our body which reacts with the solution, creating a Tan. As technical as it sounds, just a few simple steps can be taken to ensure that your skin is prepped and ready to be tanned.

You could have a perfectly applied Spray Tan, using the best products but if your skin is not prepared then it will not produce the best results.

The key points which I continuously highlight are as follow:

  • Thoroughly Exfoliate 24-48 hours before your Spray Tan….Exfoliation scrubs away the outer layer of the skin. This is removing the old / dead skin cells. The extra 24hrs allows the new layer of skin to develop ready just in time for your sunless tanning application.
  • NO Make-Up…. this acts as a barrier between the skin and solution resulting in poor development. It is equally important to try not to remove make up just before your Spray Tan. This is because most make-up wipes include alcohol or perfume in the ingredients. These products also act as a barrier / interference with the development process.
  • Shave 24hrs BEFORE your Spray Tan. Never on the day!…. Our pores are opened when we shave. This creates tiny holes in our skin which allow extra solution to be absorbed, this causes tiny dark spots.
  • NO Cream, Deodorant, Perfume or Body Spray.

Of course there are lots of recommended tips to prepare for your Spray Tan. These for me, are the key Four.


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