EXFOLIATION: The correct way to exfoliate for your Spray Tan!


Exfoliating your skin is key in preparing for your spray tan. This involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the outermost surface. A common misconception of exfoliation is that is can be carried out directly before a spray tan, or on the same day. 'As long as the skin is clean & ready right?!' Well actually this is WRONG! Exfoliating on the same day as your Spray Tan can very much effect the quality of the results.
Spray Tan works by reacting with the oxygen in the air and the amino acids in the outer layer of our skin, resulting in a darkening of the skin. The Spray Tan application normally lasts approximately 7days (depending on maintenance) this is because our skin is constantly re-shedding. This also means that the skin which was Spray Tanned, will eventually shed/ fall away, forming new (untanned skin) skin in its place.
We naturally shed about 6 million particles of skin every hour. We shed and regrow our skin cells about every 27 days, meaning the skin that you have a month from today, will be completely new compared to the skin you have now. This is what causes Spray Tan to fade.
It is therefore important to exfoliate before your spray tan application to ensure the solution is developing with fresh skin, resulting in better quality and longevity of you Spray Tan. With this being said, it is also important NOT to exfoliate ON THE SAME DAY as your Spray Tan application. Doing this at least 24 hours beforehand will allow enough time for the new skin cells to develop, ready to react with the sunless solution. If exfoliation is carried out on the same day as your spray tan application, THIS WILL REMOVE THE REQUIRED SKIN CELLS to react with the solution, therefore effecting the quality of your Spray Tan.
So, for the best results, Exfoliate at least 24 hours before your Spray Tan application.

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